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Experience the journey of creating a successful, joyful life!
Experience the journey of creating a successful, joyful life!
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Eating Disorders
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We are born with a biological ability to know when we are hungry and when we are full. 
At some point during our lives, we disconnect our feelings
from our hunger. During the counseling process, we will
explore when that disconnect happened and what emotions
are being masked due to the eating disorder behavior. 

Most people believe that if a person would just “push away
from the table or just eat,” he or she could lose/gain weight. 
It is not that simple for people who have eating disorders. 
Also, for the most part, neither going on a diet
nor having surgery to stop eating really addresses
the underlying problem, which is why so many people relapse.

Eating disorder counseling can assist clients to permanently eliminate the desire
to harm themselves through the overeating or deprivation of food without being
on a diet. Vicki has been in recovery from overeating and bulimia since 1984.

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